Land Jobs: How To Change The World

by Ed on January 16, 2012

“Edwin Land once told me…
‘Those people who can stand at the intersection
of the humanities and science, the liberal arts and technology,
that intersection, are the people who can change the world’.”

Edwin Land to SteveJobs
As told to Walter Isaacson in
his authorized Biography,
Steve Jobs

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Boston- Gene Lavanchy of Fox 25 News
interviews local 8th-grader Gregory Robinson, and Nuance Communications Senior VP and GM, Peter Mahoney.
Nuance makes the most popular speech recognition software
Dragon Naturally Speaking for PC and Mac Speech / Mac Dictate.
[Both are also used on virtually all mobile devices]

Everyone knows that Dragon speech software is incredibly popular
with entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.
Now, adoption of speech recognition software is spreading quickly,
across all school age groups, use cases and needs.

My mother was a pioneer in speech and language pathology.
She was a Co-Founder of the Speech Language and Hearing Clinic
at Children’s Hospital in Boston,
and Director of Speech Language and Hearing for a major school dept.
Her publications were used internationally.

She retired before modern speech recognition software was available,
but upon trying Dragon Naturally Speaking a few years ago,
she remarked that it would have become one of her primary tools,
because it would encourage greater streams of speech,
and has the added benefit of students (including adults) seeing themselves improve as speakers and writers –
that’s an inherent, self perpetuating catalyst for more growth.

As she worked with students with seemingly basic exercises
“Sally sells sea shells down by the sea shore”,
she would encourage them to improve from agonizingly slow flow
to faster and clearer. She had similar focus with stutterers.
As she watched her granddaughter use Dragon, she remarked
“Oh I wish I had this when I was working. This is a double blessing!”
Watching her work with students five to 25, stroke victims,
public speakers, was inspiring, as they improved before my eyes.

In high school, my journalism teacher gave me a fun project;
I had to watch every Boston Bruins game on TV with the sound off,
and do the play by play into a tape recorder [yes tape recorder, kids].
Then I had to type it up each morning for the school bulletin board.
It was a lot of work on a 1980 electric cheapo typewriter.
Gosh I wish we had speech to text back then!

Now, you can be walking, sitting, driving, anywhere,
and speak boundless content into existence, in text.
And you get better and better at it.
I believe we’ll use keyboards less and less in the near future.
To instantly, accurately have your speech converted to text,
and have your content created for…
-any content need
-while mobile
…is a technology is a blessing!

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-training video
-USB adapter
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