About ‘Us’ (you and me)

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, bricks & mortar shop,
small web firm, major corporation, or service organization,
there’s no need to fear “social media”.
In fact there’s never been a better opportunity to engage and flourish.

Through this blog, my Twitter stream,
our conversations here, and of course if I consult for you,
you’ll learn how to benefit from your communications.
I discreetly show your team how to build and satisfy your community,
and specialize in modeling the Twitter presence your audience now expects (including how to turn crises into progress).
You can’t avoid Twitter, and you can’t afford to get it wrong.
As Bert Decker said “You have to be believed to be heard”.

I live near Boston, Massachusetts with my three sons,
and our German Shepherd Dog, Blue (she is the mayor).

I was an early adopter of social media, or as I prefer ‘human media’and spend a lot of time interacting with friends, business interests and community.
And by “spend a lot of time there”,
I mean sharing what benefits others and listening.

Why “Next Instinct”?
A young entrepreneur I was mentoring said to me
“I should have trusted my first instinct, many times”.
I replied “Then be aware of your next instinct,
because that’s your next first instinct.”

[I try to make all online purchases through other people’s links
using this formula: Who has a referral link for item I need +
has been good to me/community]

I recommend a fraction of the books, products and services presented to me, and only those I use, know are exceptional,
or are from people I TRUST

Reliable Discernment Is Priceless
If you’re interested in professional consulting to nurture and refine
your communication, email me at: Your@NextInstinct.com
or say hello on Twitter…